800 Pairs of Happy Feet

Every day, millions of South African children go to school barefoot, many of them walking long distances over rugged terrain to get there. 

In cold Winter rain and on hot Summer days, these children do not know the comfort of a pair of shoes as the chill bites their toes or roads and pathways singe their soles.

Recognising their plight, The Table Bay in Cape Town has committed a large portion of its 2019 corporate social investment budget to purchase 800 pairs of shoes for children from four local schools. These include Red River Primary, Palm Park Primary, Entshona Primary and Kairos Primary. The schools were nominated to benefit from the project by members of the hotel’s staff.

Employees of The Table Bay also personally decorated the shoeboxes, with a special message for the recipient in each box. These were handed over in December at a special event at The Table Bay for distribution to the children in time for the start of new school year.

“We take a special interest in Cape Town’s community life and try to support projects that uplift children,” said The Table Bay General Manager, Joanne Selby.

“Many children in poorer communities are forced to wear ill fitting, old shoes or none at all when they go to school.

“A lot of these children also walk considerable distances to get to school each day.

“Wearing poor fitting shoes is obviously not good for growing feet and can lead to a host of problems.

“Of course, to walk barefoot is uncomfortable, especially in extreme hot, cold or wet weather.

“As we endeavour to assist the most marginalised in the communities in which we operate, we asked our own restaurant and housekeeping staff to nominate schools that they felt would benefit the most.

“We are pleased that we are able to contribute to schools that our own people feel need our help,” said Ms Selby.

For information and bookings for The Table Bay, contact Svetlana Jovanovic at The Unique Tourism Collection on svetlana@uniquetourism.com or 02 9211 6590


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