A World of Discovery – Porto, Seville & Marrakech

Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays presents three specially tailored touring adventures for your clients as they explore and become immersed in fun and fascinating experiences in Portugal’s Porto, Spain’s Seville and Morocco’s Marrakech. There are plenty of tasty bites and amazing sights to discover in Porto. A fascinating tour of the Jewish Quarter and fabulous cruise of the Guadalquivir River awaits in Seville. Intoxicating aromas and rich tastes will abound as traditional Morocco cooking is on show in Marrakech with many distinctive flavours to tempt the palate.


Bites and Sights 

Porto is a delightful city to which many visitors flock each year to join or alight the many wonderful Douro River cruises. Porto is also delicious and, whilst exploring popular modern-day attractions on a Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays tour, one can sample a terrific selection of the tasty and appetising bites. Read more


Jewish Quarter Tour and Guadalquivir River Cruise

Seville is a culturally rich city with compelling Moorish influences and is home to tapas and dazzling flamenco dancing. Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays will showcase famous landmarks and sites, taking clients on an enthralling tour of the Jewish Quarter and a beautiful cruise traversing the Guadalquivir River. Read more


Traditional Moroccan Cooking

Marrakech is a city abounding in intoxicating aromas and rich tastes. Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays will provide an insight into the secrets of Morocco’s most loved dishes as a local chef guides your clients in creating new meals and acquiring special cooking skills to showcase to loved ones back home. Read more

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