Baby Morepork Owl Chicks Thriving on Norfolk Island

The arrival of Norfolk Island Morepork Owl chicks continues to be uplifting news for everyone on the popular holiday destination for Australians.

Norfolk Island National Park rangers confirmed these were the first Norfolk Island Morepork Owl chicks in more than a decade have survived to become fledglings.

The discovery of new chicks late last year was a significant moment for one of the Australian Government’s priority threatened species.

There is only an estimated 45 to 50 Norfolk Island Morepork Owls left on the planet and national staff and researchers were ecstatic with the new owls.

You can hear their distinctive ‘more-poooork’ call from dusk until midnight, especially on warm moonlit nights and during the summer breeding season.

In October 2019 the Australia Government dedicated $400,000 toward securing the future of the Norfolk Island Morepork Owl and Norfolk Island Green Parrot.

The Government has made an additional investment of $34,000 through the National Environmental Science Program for analysis of genetic samples of both Norfolk Island species. A better understanding of the genetic structure and health of the birds’ populations will inform conservation decisions by Parks Australia.

Norfolk Island has remained virus free during these challenging times for everyone and earlier this month restrictions were eased meaning residents can now return to their favourite eateries provided they maintain social distancing.

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