Direct Cuzco to Iquitos flights for Aria Amazon cruises

Aqua Expeditions is encouraging people wishing to cruise aboard Aria Amazon to take advantage of LATAM Airlines’ direct flights from Cusco to Iquitos available through to the end of November 2018.

LATAM is operating this 2 hour and 21-minute seasonal test route for the first time and will determine if to be expanded in the future.

This service enables guests to connect directly on arrival in Cuzco with Aria Amazon’s 4-night Explorer Cruise (priced from USD5100 per person twin share) and on departure in Iquitos following Aria Amazon’s 3-night Discovery Cruise (priced from USD3825 per person twin share) without having to stay overnight in Lima.  The direct connections also apply for arrivals and departures on the extended 7-night Expedition Cruise (priced from USD8925 per person twin share) combining the 3 and 4-night cruise components.

Aria Amazon cruises into the depths of the Amazon’s rainforests to enjoying an intimate glimpse an amazing array of wildlife, ecosystems, local customs and marine and jungle landscapes. Guests will listen to the many species of Peruvian birds, as they call to their mates through the leafy canopy, learn about the habitats essential to the livelihoods of the endangered Amazon River dolphins, taricaya turtles and manatee and perhaps photograph a three-toed sloth peering down from a nearby branch.

For information and bookings please contact Aqua Expeditions Australia on 1300 124 204 or

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