Entry Pass Now Compulsory For All Travellers To Norfolk Island

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel to Norfolk Island is restricted to domestic airline passengers who identify as low-risk travellers.

Every person intending to travel to Norfolk Island must now complete and obtain an online Entry Pass 24 to 72 hours prior to flight departure via this link. Norfolk Island Entry Pass Application

The application process is an automated program designed to screen applicants via an online declaration, and identify high-risk travellers who will be denied entry to Norfolk Island. The screening will also provide valuable data to track inbound travellers, should a positive case of COVID-19 be identified.

It is a requirement that all travellers submit their application 24 to 72 hours prior to flight departure to Norfolk Island.

The Entry Pass will be automatically and instantly approved, provided the applicant is low-risk, and eligible to travel to Norfolk Island under any restrictions in place at the time of application. In some instances, applications will be further screened by the Incident Controller and may take 24 hours from the time of application to determine if the Entry Pass has been approved or denied.

Applicants requiring urgent Entry Pass screening (within 24 hours of flight departure) will need to contact the Incident Controller directly to accelerate the process.

T:  +6723 22222 

E:  IO-Norfolk-Island@afp.gov.au

Any passenger who feels unwell with respiratory symptoms should not be travelling.

Further information regarding travel advice into Norfolk Island can be found at

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