Explore Artisanal Beers and Brewing with The Table Bay in Cape Town

The Table Bay in Cape Town has become the first five-star hotel in South Africa to develop its own craft beer.

The signature drink at this popular holiday destination for Australians and New Zealanders is an extreme lager named Slow Beer, which is complemented by an ever-growing range of Darling Brew beers including Silver Back, Rogue Pony, Gypsy Mask, Thunder Bird, Sungazer, Black Mist, Bone Crusher and Slow Beer.  

“International guests to Cape Town are especially keen to explore artisanal beers that are produced right here in the Western Cape,” said The Table Bay Food and Beverage Manager, Marc Weber.

“Trying locally produced food and drink makes their experience of the Cape more authentic,” said Mr Weber.

“The market for craft beer in South Africa has exploded in recent years, perhaps a little behind the USA, Germany and the UK, but it has taken off.

“People are keen to explore more diverse, natural varieties of beer; the more local, the better.

“We love our guests to explore the authentic, unique, experiential activities that allow them to gather a touch of Cape Town and make good memories. Visiting local microbreweries and brew-pubs is one of them.”

Nearby The Table Bay, on historic Albert Road, in the heart of Cape Town's creative hub of Woodstock, stands a special nano brewery, Woodstock Brewers' Co-op, where 16 enthusiastic, talented brewers all brew under one roof.

Beer explorers visiting this fascinating Co-op can enjoy a pint of Bugler's, Three Legged Cat, Dutch Courage, Hophazard and a dozen more, in the attached bar.

For information and bookings for The Table Bay, contact The Unique Tourism Collection on +61 2 9211 6590.


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