Introducing Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays

Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays is a dynamic Sydney-based company with more than 50 years’ combined and proven tourism experience in promoting three fascinating and exciting destinations to which Australian travellers flock each year.

Director, Gill Gaspar has travelled extensively throughout Portugal, Spain and Morocco for more than 30 years and has immersed himself into the culture, history and lifestyle of his origins allowing him to create many diverse travel opportunities including bespoke private and group touring, walking and cycling adventures, food and wine experiences, everything Camino, day touring, customised itineraries and much more.

Gill works with a wonderful team, all of whom have Portuguese or Spanish origins which they are passionate about.

They have driven, walked, cycled, railed, explored and eaten their way across these wonderful countries and know them from top to bottom.

Gill and his team will design and deliver authentic and memorable travel experiences for Australians travelling to Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

Discover Portugal, Spain & Morocco Holidays can create an itinerary to meet and exceed travellers’ needs and expectations on T 02 8383 1161, E or

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