Oscar! Cape Town’s Swimmiest Seal of Table Bay

The legend of Oscar the Cape Fur Seal, his unlikely friendship with a lonely fisherman and how his golden statue came to take pride of place at the acclaimed South African Sun International property, The Table Bay, Cape Town has been beautifully told in a book, ‘Oscar! Cape Town’s Swimmiest Seal of Table Bay’, for children.

Proudly welcoming guests on their arrival at The Table Bay Oscar’s statue is more than a testament to the Cape Fur Seal who was an integral part of harbour life at the V&A Waterfront.

Oscar’s story is the stuff of legends and is intertwined with the history of The Table Bay.

Oscar was named after the kindhearted fisherman with whom the seal shared an unlikely friendship.

The two would meet every day on the pier near where The Table Bay stands today.

After the fisherman’s passing, Oscar continued to visit the builders and members of the hotel’s opening team during the construction.

He is fondly remembered as the ‘Original Protector and Guardian of The Table Bay’.

His pups still visit the jetty to bask in the sun and are a popular photographic attraction.

‘Oscar!’ is the creation of writer, Marc Hoberman and illustrator, Patrick Latimer.

 “The team at The Table Bay love having children in the hotel and they immediately embraced the idea of a story book to demonstrate this,” said Marc Hoberman .

“A book, with an engaging and historical story, is also a great memento of a young child’s holiday in Cape Town and their special stay at The Table Bay. Best of all, it tells Oscar’s story and helps keep his legend alive,” he said.

The Table Bay PR Manager, Sarah Prins said the legend of Oscar, though “profoundly linked with our history, is often untold to young guests”.

“Finally, his story has been recorded for children. We are delighted with the result of the book which indeed is a special treat to look at and hear. For us, it is also a lovely way to reach our small guests.”

“Oscar!” is presented as gifts and can be purchased at The Table Bay.

For information and bookings for The Table Bay, contact Svetlana Jovanovic at The Unique Tourism Collection on svetlana@uniquetourism.com or 02 9211 6590


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