Restrictions Extended For People Arriving On Norfolk Island From New South Wales

Restrictions for people arriving on Norfolk Island from New South Wales have been extended until 7 August 2020.

The quarantine restriction has been removed for people coming from the Australian Capital Territory and people continue to be able to travel from Queensland.

It has been decided to extend the current requirement for people who have spent time in New South Wales in the preceding 14 days to quarantine on the island.

Since there have been no new cases recorded in the Australian Capital Territory the quarantine restriction has been removed in relation to people coming from there, providing they have not overnighted in New South Wales on their way to Norfolk Island.

This requirement does not apply to passengers who have had to transit through Sydney Airport on the same day on the way to Norfolk Island from the other states.

The island remains closed to people from Victoria and hotspots listed on the Queensland Government website and Entry Passes will be denied from these areas.

Queensland has listed metropolitan Sydney as hotspot areas and therefore people from the listed Local Government Areas will be denied Entry Passes.

The restrictions will be reviewed again next week.



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