Take a Deep Breath, Relax and Refresh on Norfolk Island

Now, more than ever, is a time to focus on you, your loved ones, important people in your life.

In this new COVID-world, people's expectations have changed. Travellers are looking for safety, security, social distancing, space and privacy while focusing on their health and wellness.

Norfolk Island has remained COVID-free and offers visitors everything they need to relax the mind, enjoy a special holiday and escape from crowds.

From free experiences to luxurious escapes, Norfolk Island is packed with lots to do – or to just take a deep breath and chill.

With safety and health on everyone's minds,  the ‘best small island in Australia' invites everyone to enjoy a fabulous ‘holiday overseas without leaving home’.

While the island continues to deliver outdoor, culinary, or historical experiences, now perhaps is the time to focus on wellbeing. 

When arriving on the Island, immediately feel the relaxed vibe of the friendly locals. Norfolk Island gives everyone the impression of simplicity.

The island is an ideal spot for a retreat to relax and revive, reconnect to earth and oneself, and enjoy nature and partake in some adrenalin-rushing or soothing activity and adventure – perhaps some of the following will entice:

  • Heading to Hilli Goat farm to meet the beautiful four-legged stars and try some of the amazing goat cheeses and lotions.
  • Exploring Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama’s captivating 360° painting of the famous Bounty mutiny placing yourself in the many scenes.
  • Visiting Sirius museum housing fascinating artefacts from First Fleet flagship HMS Sirius wrecked off nearby Kingston Reef.
  • Sinking a putt on the stunning World Heritage seaside golf course. 
  • Losing yourself in the intriguing hedge maze at Strawberry Fields.
  • Taking meandering paths on island walks into bushland under shading canopies of Norfolk Bay Pines and Moreton Bay Fig Trees.
  • Traversing and immersing the surrounding crystal waters for swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking and fishing.
  • Exploring the island in a colourful Moke with the roof rolled back or on a bike (electric or trail variety) and remembering the Norfolk ‘wave’ as you pass other cars and people walking by.
  • Daring if you will to join the Lantern Lit Ghost tour in the still of the night.
  • Participating in a captivating wine tasting and feasting on a sumptuous platter of local produce at Two Chimney Winery.
  • Grabbing your camera and binoculars and looking out for the rare and precious Green Parrot – only to be found on Norfolk Island.
  • Touring the exquisite Pitcairn Settlers Village in an old Model T Ford car.
  • Learning the wonderful language of Norf’k at Wonderland by Night.

There’s More to Norfolk Island – so much more – and the focus starts with you.





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