The Spa Wellness Revolution at Chiva-Som

During the current closure at Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, for its latest period of renovation works, the highly skilled professionals at this renowned wellness resort, continue their research into and work on tailoring the array of Specialty Retreats and other personalised treatments and therapies which will again be available to guests upon the property’s re-opening on 1 November 2018.

Dr Jason Culp, Naturopathic Physician at Chiva-Som since 2012 and Founder and Head Specialist for the Research team is overseeing the resort’s exploration of evidence-based natural therapies and consideration of whether, into the future, the Spa will become a regular part of global standard healthcare, alongside annual medical exams and preventative screening guidelines.

He believes “it is not inconceivable to think that one day, your doctor may prescribe bi-weekly trips to the sauna to help prevent high blood pressure or recommend tri-weekly massages in place of prescription pain killers,” said Dr Culp.

“The Spa has evolved beyond its past label of “self-indulgent body pampering” and into the arena of scientifically-validated, evidence-based therapies for improving health and wellbeing.”

Dr Culp said recent studies had shown that week-long participation in a “wellness program” (which includes therapies commonly found in the Spa) can enhance subjective improvement in health, as reported by clients, along with objective improvement in measurable factors, such as weight reduction, lowered blood pressure and cardiovascular benefit.

Multiple studies over the years had, reported Dr Culp, promoted the pain-relieving benefits of massage and acupuncture “which we can safely assume have a positive impact on moods and quality of life”.

“The evidence for Spa therapies, which typically includes massage, acupuncture, sauna and hydrotherapy, along with a varied selection of colour/sound therapies and meditative exercises, has been accumulating and, with the current global health crisis, it seems that we are in need of safe and effective therapies to help prevent premature decline in health,” according to Dr Culp.

“With our growing knowledge and investigations using rapid advancements in wearable technology, Biometrics analysis and various data collection methods, the Spa Wellness era will inevitable play a critical role in improving global health outcomes and Chiva-Som welcomes this revolution of Spa Wellness and will continue to harness the profound benefits of the Spa to enhance our clients’ health and wellbeing.”

Meanwhile the latest renovation works, which commenced at Chiva-Som at the beginning of May, comprise a complete overhaul to the Thai Pavilions, Emerald Room, Orchid Lounge, Library, Fitness Centre and Niranlada Medi-Spa. This follows on from the unveiling of new Ocean Rooms and Suites in 2017 and will continue with the resort to close again next May for the final phase of works to get underway in readiness for the re-opening in November 2019.

For Chiva-Som bookings, which are available from 1 November 2018 to 30 April 2019, contact your travel agent or a Chiva-Som Specialist on 1300 857 437.

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