The Table Bay, Cape Town Proudly Supports Ladles of Love Community Project

The Table Bay in Cape Town is proud to be working with local organisations dedicated to helping and supporting people who are very much in need including the homeless community and many who have been devastated by personal losses as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Table Bay is a long-standing supporter of numerous fund-raising efforts for charities and other causes with a specific focus on making a contribution within the sphere of education.

Whilst this famous waterfront landmark remains closed during COVID-19, The Table Bay General Manager, Joanne Selby and members of her hotel team are doing whatever they can to provide assistance to wonderful organisations, including Ladles of Love, which for many years has been operating soup kitchens to feed the homeless and also offers assistance to local beneficiaries and schools in and around Cape Town.

With the lockdown of Cape Town, The Table Bay already had produce including meats, fish, vegetables and fruits stored and ready to provide to its restaurants, bars, meeting rooms and in-house guests through room service.

Ladles of Love has been the recipient of much of this produce which is being used to create meals being served daily at The Haven in Green Point, Safe Space under Culemborg Bridge and outside The Hope Exchange.

In one week alone, Ladles of Love also provided more than 11,200 sandwiches, 6 tonnes of cooked food and 6 tonnes of raw food to beneficiaries to cook and feed their hungry communities. Some 31,000 meals were cooked for one beneficiary over three weeks and schools in Khayelitsha and De Waveren have also sat down to specially prepared delicious meals.

“We will continue to support organisations, including Ladles of Love, and the amazing work they do in trying to ease the awful plight so many people face all around us,” said Ms Selby.

“It is terrific to have our hotel team wanting to help out wherever they can including gathering and packing items stored in our kitchens which can be used in creating lovely meals for those in need.”

Margolite Williams from Ladles of Love, who is appreciative of the ongoing support being received by operators, including The Table Bay, said “I just wanted you to know that you are part of the ‘chain of kindness’ when making a child and the homeless smile”.

“This is going to be a lesson for all us to live in love, faith and trust. We will all grow from this and hopefully we will embrace our lives with authenticity and kindness in our eyes and smile – now and forever,” said Ms Williams.

Please contact Svetlana Jovanovic at The Unique Tourism Collection on or 02 9211 6590 to assist with any inquiries you may have regarding The Table Bay.


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