Yellow Fever Vaccination No Longer Required To Travel Between Zambia and South Africa:

  • Zambia is now a Yellow Fever free zone
  • The South African Department of Health declares that it is no longer required to obtain a vaccination certificate.

The South African Department of Health has officially lifted the requirement that yellow fever vaccinations are needed to travel between Zambia and South Africa. After being declared a yellow fever free zone by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in January, the South African health department has now announced that travellers no longer need to obtain certification of vaccination. The decision was made official at the World Health Assembly on Friday 30th January in Geneva, following the confirmation by the WHO that Zambia has a low yellow fever potential exposure status.

This is great news for travellers as they will be able to cross from South Africa to Zambia and visit Victoria Falls - one of the Seven Wonders of the World, without the requirement of the vaccination. Ms. Emmanuelle Moneger, General Manager of The Royal Livingstone Hotel, comments: “We are delighted that the Department of Health have officially announced that travellers no longer need the yellow fever vaccination. We feel that this factor deterred many of our visitors to be able to cross from Zambia to South Africa and get the chance to visit the breathtaking Victoria Falls and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience. We hope that we will see many more tourists and guests crossing over both sides of these beautiful destinations, now that Zambia is yellow fever free.”

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